Logistics Social Network
and Cargo Finder
- Find Cargo or Transport,
- Track the Freight and
- Communicate with New Partners
in just few clicks!
What we do?
Like "Facebook"
Find new Partners, Communicate with them
and create long-term partnerships with them
Track all of your cargo in Online Mode
with transparent Map-Based System
Like "Uber"
Like "Booking"
Easy and Time-Saving platform to find your
Perfect Logistics Partner
for all Logistics Professionals
for Transport Operators
for Everyone involved
Created for:
Mobile cranes
Able to get in direct contact with Crane owners/ Operators and book it directly in a few steps.
Vessel Owners & Brokers
Find your vessel broker/ship owner for your cargo instantly. Thousands of offers are available on a daily basis.
Logistics Manager
Access to a customer base, cargo finder, truck finder and social logistics network.
Truck Owners
Get instant price quotes in real time directly with truck owners and forwarders, book any type of transport for your business in a few seconds online.
Rail Forwarders and Owners
You can find suitable rail cars with rail agents and rail owners for your individual needs. Price offer will be send to you directly asap.
Find loads as quickly as possible and build customer connections directly online.
Take the opportunity to promote your company to find more orders.
Custom Broker & Warehouse finder
Get in direct contact with warehouse owners/brokers and managers for your storage / brokerage / customs / transshipment needs.
Truck stops ,Parking, Accomadation, Shops and Gas station.
How it works
Simply register your company on our platform
Make-up your company's page
Everyone on the platform will have a specialized page, where you can put a logo, tell more about your company to other users and attach all of the certificates you have
Then go to the market and find suppliers, that you want to work with. It is simple as that -
You get new reviews
Your client`s reviews are placed on trust websites in 1 click. Before it took at least 8 steps to do it.
You get new clients
As number of positive reviews of your business increase as more new customers will be attracted
Starting with SMBF, you get three main benefits
Full automation of feedback collection
You client would be able to leave a review with one click
Boost customer retention by improving the quality of service
Improved service, based on opinions of your customers, allows them to return to your business and motivates them to make repeat purchases
New clients by boosted SEO
With every new review, your business rating starts to rise and Google will show your services to potential customers more offten
Only 20% of restaurants regularly follow and respond to reviews, retaining their customers and attracting new audiences
We have created a special guide for you! Download it now for free!
TOP 3 verticals in which reviews have the greatest impact in favor of purchasing a service:

  • Restaurants - 60% influence on the decision
  • Medicine - 55% influence on the decision
  • Hotels - 49% influence on the decision
UGC (user-generated content) is a new and useful tool to promote business and to increase sales. Whoever is the first to receive and also use UGC consistently will gain an unfair advantage in era of rising traffic buying rates.

SMBF helps businesses to gain new leads by SEO growth through automatic collection and placement of customer reviews on websites.

+ it also helps to increase the frequency of upsales by analyzing reviews and improving the quality of service
  • 1 day launch
  • Monitoring new reviews
  • Integration with 2 sites
  • One window to control review`s flow
Want more clients
  • 1 day launch
  • Monitoring new reviews
  • Integration with 2 sites
  • One window to control review`s flow
  • Notification of new reviews
  • Transfer text reviews to audio hosted on youtube
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